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Pension Schemes

Below is a list of the main pension providers. You can check the list to see whether you pay into a ‘Relief at source’ pension and are therefore eligible for the tax rebate.

Pension SchemeTax Relief Type
Aviva's Workplace pensionRelief at Source
Creative Pension TrustNet Pay
Cushon Master TrustNet Pay
National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)Relief at Source
NOW: PensionsNet Pay
Penfold PensionRelief at Source
Penfold BeeVarious
Royal LondonVarious
Salvus Master TrustNet Pay
Scottish WidowsVarious
Smart Pension Master TrustNet Pay
Standard Life Workplace PensionRelief at Source
The Lewis Workplace Pension TrustNet Pay
The People’s PensionVarious (typically relief at source)
True Potential InvestmentsRelief at Source