Let us tell you a story…

About Toty

We are experienced accountants, on a mission to help you get back tax owed to you in the simplest, most painless way possible.

How Toty came to be

Dealing with HMRC is not always as straightforward as one would like it to be. As accountants, we know this better than anyone! We quickly realised that a huge number of people were failing to claim back the tax owed to them on contributions they’d made into their Relief at Source pension scheme. Partly, this was because not a lot of people know that they are overpaying tax. The other reason is that the process of making a claim can be really time-consuming and complicated. 

That’s why we created Toty. It’s part of our mission to help make the process of reclaiming tax owed to you as simple as possible. 

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To give you back money you didn’t know you had.

Imagine a gift of a few hundred pounds! Or a thousand? It might be a trip to the Lake District with your family. It could be the best Valentine’s date of your life. It could be the cost of a cake for your wedding (honestly, we know). It could be the investment for that business course that’s just perfect for your career right now.

Whatever it does for you, however big or small… our aim is to give you money you’re owed, that you didn’t even know you had.

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Financial empowerment for UK employees.

It’s not so easy to have full control of your tax, pension and financial life. By claiming back tax owed to you in a few easy steps, we hope that, alongside an injection of cash, you gain knowledge and a little bit of power around your money.

Our Values


We believe in providing a service that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations, and ensures you can rest easy knowing your tax reclaim is in good hands. As a result, we apply our four key values to everything we do at Toty.



Taxes might be boring (we get you, that’s why we’re here), but it need not be complicated. We keep things simple. You know what Einstein said – if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough!



Who gets excited when they hear the word ‘tax’? Nobody. But follow it up with the word rebate and suddenly things become more interesting. Big or small, there is no limit to what you can do with that little bit extra.



If you ever you need to talk to us, we’re here to help. We know our stuff, and we can support you through every step of the claim. 



We’ll always be transparent about the process, and what we’re doing on your behalf – and we’ll bring the necessary expertise and experience to make the process easy and painless. We do it so you don’t have to.